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### LashMe Glue Trio Pack - Save £20!


Upgrade your lash game with the LashMe Glue Trio Pack and enjoy incredible savings! By purchasing a pack of all three LashMe glues, you save £20. 


Our LashMe Glue Trio Pack includes: 


1. LashMe Glue HALF - Designed for busy professionals, this fast-drying glue speeds up the application process, allowing for quicker service without sacrificing quality.

2. LashMe Glue ONE - Perfect for long-lasting wear and strong adhesion, ideal for clients who need their lashes to stay put through anything.

3. LashMe Glue PURE - Formulated for those with sensitive eyes to cyanoacrylate, this gentle glue ensures comfort without compromising on hold.


Each glue is expertly crafted to meet the diverse needs of lash artists and their clients. Whether you're looking for maximum hold, a gentle formula, or a quick-drying option, the LashMe Glue Trio Pack has you covered.


Don't miss out on this fantastic deal—enhance your lash kit and save £20 today!


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