Learn how to become the best educator and build a business that requires a minimum of your time. Work smart, not hard.

12 amazing educators sharing their knowledge and expertise of how to become the prime educator.

For who is this training for:

You work a lot and have a constant lack of time for everything 

You work, trying your best, but you understand that you don't want to work as a stylist all your life - you want to achieve more.

You become an educator but you still work by offering services to your clients as you don’t have enough training to make a living from it?

You want to become a recognisable expert in the industry, invited to judge competition and speak at conferences.

You want your students to trust your expertise.

You don’t know how to plan the development of your academy and establish an action plan.

You love your job, but you understand that you are stuck financially and you can't get any more out of it.

When does training take place?

Training starts on 04th April AT 17:00 UK time.

We will meet every Monday for 12 weeks.

How long is the course?

Each webinar, depending on the topic, will last 1-2 hours.

Thanks to this training you will:

Learn how to provide the best education.

Understand your role as a teacher to build more credibility of you as an expert

Find out how to work smarter and make a living from being a teacher

Create outstanding training manual

Find time for yourself and your family and stop chasing every rabbit.

Training program:


11.04 KAROLINA SWIDERSKA- Qualities of good educator.

18.04 CINTIA DAVID- How to create a great training manual?

25.04 ANASTASIA NIKULINA- How to achieve an expert look on social media?


2.05 OCTAVIA STOIAN- Work smarter and get paid as an expert.

9.05 VERONICA RICH- How to teach in a way others will understand?

16.05 DARIA STRILETSKAJA- What makes a credible teacher?

23.05 TARA WALSH- From overlooked to fully booked. Marketing advice to draw students to your training.

30.05 MIRANDA TARPEY- How should I teach as a teacher?


6.06 MANAMI EDWARDS- How to become a judge?

13.06 DARIA SIVOKHINA- How to be recognisable in your industry?

20.06 MARIOLA MIKOLAJCZYK- Shift your mind from lash stylist to successful businesswoman.

27.06 AISHA JAGIEVA-  Work and travel, how to travel with your training?

How to prepare yourself for this training 

Prepare a pen and notebook.

Most asked questions:

Where does the training take place? 

The training takes place on a closed online platform, where you can also ask questions online.  The day before the webinar you will receive a link to the training.

Will webinars be saved?

If you cannot attend any of the lessons online - nothing is lost!  Each lesson will be saved.

How long does the lesson take? 

Webinars, depending on the topic, will last 1-2 hours.

I booked a place for training, what next? 

Straight after the purchase you will receive email confirmation.

Cancellation policy

After purchasing the training we will be unable to refund you the cost.

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