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InLei® BROW BOMBER is a revolutionary professional treatment, created for the eyebrows and intended to make the hair of the eyebrow arch obedient, soft, silky and styled.

InLei® "BROW LIFT 1" is an effective perm solution on the hair but also suitable for contact with the skin. Its density is specifically designed to not leak, which means you are able to carry out the entire treatment with the client comfortably seated!

How to use:

1. Clean the client's eyebrows with InLei® MOUSSE.

2. Prepare the eyebrows with InLei® SALINE PRETREATMENT.

3. Comb the eyebrows neatly and/or in the desired direction.

4. Apply a uniform layer of InLei® BROW LIFT 1 with the help of a brush.

5. Leave on for the time necessary, based on the thickness of the hair ( 6/12 min ). DO NOT USE THE FILM.

6. Remove the product with a dry cotton pad.

7. Afterwards, continue with InLei ® Brow Lock 2

Product Details: 

- 100% Made in Italy

- Airless bottle, zero waste dispenser

- Contains ingredients for skin protection

- Content: 30 ml (up to 40 treatments).

- For professional use only. Carefully read the leaflet


Do not experiment by combining different brands. The result cannot be predictable.

It is absolutely forbidden to use it on eyelashes, and it can cause serious eye damage.


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