BONDER is a new revolutionary product that maximizes eyelash retention and provides your clients with luscious long-lasting lashes.

Super Bonder adds elasticity to the adhesive, and this increased flexibility ensures the bonds don't break as easily, therefore resulting in better lash retention.

An amazing fact about this product is that Bonder speeds up polymerization without shock curing! It works with any glue to instantly bind glue vapours, irritation and sensitivity are significantly reduced. Because the bond has been sealed, the lashes are instantly safe to get wet.


- Increases elasticity and improves the bond between natural and synthetic eyelashes.

- Can be used for any type of eyelashes.

- 3ml bottle.

- Store in a dark, dry & cool place.

- Once opened, use it within six months.

- Do not apply on the whole lash length or skin.



Directions for use:


Once you've completed the eyelash extensions treatment, squeeze one drop of Bonder onto a microfibre brush and apply it to the glue joints (zone).

Patiently allow product to dry, or if you're in a hurry, air dry with a fan.

Use a tiny amount of product to prevent oversaturation of the Bonder from running into the eye or irritating the skin.

Just 3 min after the treatment, your clients can get their lashes wet without any risk of poor retention.

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