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InLei® Mister Fix vs InLei® Fixing Gel:

We have worked for a long time on this product, testing many ingredients, formulations, packaging styles and application methods. It took us nearly 5 years, but we have created the last piece of the puzzle that perfectly completes our Brow Bomber brow lamination range!

You all know our product line that is specific for eyebrows, and you know very well that this is a revolutionary treatment, but only by using Mister Fix will you be able to achieve the very best results. Brow Bomber is not a real InLei® Brow Bomber if you don’t use Mister Fix!


We have studied this water-soluble glue together with Italian chemists who developed the products included in the working protocol. The formula has been created from scratch, getting exactly what we needed. Mister Fix has been
designed specifically for the Brow Bomber treatment to perfectly meet the needs that we have encountered in the sector - let's analyse them together:

- VISCOSITY is neither too runny nor too thick. It has that ideal level of compactness that allows you to obtain a uniform application all over the eyebrow, creating the desired shape at the first stroke.

- DRYING is less immediate than the classic Fixing Gel: Mister Fix remains soft and flexible for the time it takes to place every single hair. Its formula, therefore, allows you to carefully finish all those points where precise work is needed without the risk of breaking the hair or using too much product.

- SPECIFICALLY created for the eyebrows. It has been tested to come into contact with the skin, and dermatological tests have classified it as a safe and non-irritating product. Its formula has been studied down to the last molecule to prove that the product creates a protective layer for the hair without damaging, irritating or reddening sensitive skin.

- Light FRAGRANCE, not too persistent.

- The DOSING PUMP allows you to take the exact quantity you need each time you dispense a drop! The tiny opening of the bottle maintains a perfect level of hygiene.

- AIRLESS TECHNOLOGY that prevents contact with air, extending the shelf life of the product, keeping it perfect for 12 months!


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