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Having a problem with retention?

“I’m the Lashmaker” Organic Cleanser it’s the most essential product in your pre-treatment range. Thanks to the alkaline pH level, it will gently prepare a natural lash surface (cuticle) pre longing your retention.


Made from safe organic ingredients, however, it’s giving us a deep cleanse and reduce the sebum barrier. It doesn’t contain alcohol which can dehydrate your clients’ natural lashes.


-       Vegan and cruelty-free

-       Paraben, Gluten-free

-       7 ml bottle

-       Store in a dark, dry & cool place

-       Once opened, use it within 6 months



Use after lash shampoo. Apply a drop of the organic cleanser onto jade or crystal stone and dip a microfibre brush in it.

Apply a wooden spatula underneath your client's natural lashes, this will allow you to cleanse the lashes preciously, but also it will prevent oversaturation of the cleanser run into the eye or irritate the skin. The wooden spatula will absorb any excess of the product.

With the help of a microfibre brush gently wipe lashes that are on top of the wooden spatula paying close attention to the roots. Repeat throughout the lash line on both eyes.


Do not apply cleanser to the tips of the lashes or to the skin.

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