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My Lamination Lash Lift Adhesive Strong is specially formulated for flawless results. With its regular consistency and optimal drying time, this adhesive offers a superior stronghold, guaranteeing an effortless and secure application throughout the entire lash lift process. Say goodbye to the need for adjustments!


Key Features:

1. Quick-Drying Formula: Our adhesive features a quick-drying water-soluble formula, ensuring efficient and time-saving application.

2. Multi-Purpose Use: This versatile glue is perfect for fixing the silicone pad onto the eyelid, securing lashes onto the pad, and controlling eyebrow direction.

3. Strong Hold: The adhesive provides a superior stronghold, keeping the lashes and silicone pad firmly in place throughout the lash lift application.

4. Easy Application: Thanks to its ideal consistency, our adhesive offers smooth and hassle-free application, eliminating any potential mess or clumping.

5. Convenient Size: Each bottle contains 5ml of adhesive, providing ample supply for multiple applications.


Experience the convenience and reliability of our Lamination Lash Lift Adhesive. With its exceptional hold and easy application, achieving stunning lash lift results has never been easier.

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