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I'm the Lashmaker handpicks premium quality materials to produce the best quality lashes that will make your work easy, satisfied, quick, hassle-free and fall in love with the result. Lashes that are easy to fan and place, with a strip containing the perfect amount of stickiness for all fanning techniques—saving your time and money.

Classic Line lashes are "Mink" with a matte finish, meaning a classic subtle look and a higher lash fibre porosity that aids in longer retention. Furthermore, because of a two-phase lash curling process, lashes will not lose their curl over time.

I'm the Lashmaker who takes pride in all of the products, only having the highest quality to satisfy all stylists.


More is always more when it comes to lashes. ILM lashes are thickly applied on the lash strip without gaps between what means more lashes in a tray!

- Deep black lashes

- Super soft touch

- Matte finish is just perfect

- 2 mm lash strap

- Very easy to peel off from the lash strap

- Suitable for all fanning methods

- Vegan

- Latex-free

- Not tested on animals

- 100% synthetic fibre


Best quality lashes are the key to becoming a successful lash stylist.

0,07 are very light lashes, perfect for making 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D volume lash extensions.

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