What if I tell you that you can make a lash lift the most profitable treatment in your salon?

Learn smart ways to earn more money without raising your prices! 


After this training, you will easily double your profit!


The Fact That You're Here Right Now Means

You Are...


- Ambitious lash lift stylist who wants to create an extraordinary and profitable business

- Insatiably curious and hungry for growth

- Committed to your goals or at least trying

- Never settling for “the meh” vibe in any area of your life.


You might not be where you want to be in your life YET, but the fact you’re here makes us believe…


You’re the one in your circle who thinks really big and want to double your profits by focusing on important parts of your business. 


You're ready to take extreme ownership of your business and money.


You're down to explore your full business potential (even if it’s not easy).

For who is this training for:


- Qualified lash lift stylist who wants to increase their profits

- Lash lift stylist which is tired of spending loads of time on the lash lift without making good money

- For ambitious business owners who want to have a unique way of providing lash lift treatment and  stand out from the rivals

- For everyone who wants to speed up their lash lift treatment and have more time to live your dream life

Without this training, you are losing up to £1000 weekly!


After doing research with over 200 lash lift stylists all over the world and checking how long it takes them to do the lash lift, I came to the conclusion that time is the biggest expense when it comes to lash lift and that loses your business up to £1000 weekly.


You have questions? We’ve got the answers! 


Join the course and double your profit straight away!  Remember that each day of delay is about £1000 that your potential customers spend in a company other than yours. Stop letting it happen and take the initiative.


Training program:

- Importance of time in lash lift treatment

- How long should take your full lash lift procedure

- Cost calculation as a foundation of your treatment price

- How to get ready for your treatment to not lose your time and be the most efficient

- Importance of appropriate documentation when it comes to reducing your treatment time

- The difference in time according to the type of client

- Reducing the time of treatment in each step of the lash lift

- How much should you charge for a lash lift

- Expanding your lash lift menu, a new way of lash lift for 2023



How to work with a Lash Lift Balm

What is included in this course?

1. Lash Lift training to speed up your Lash lift treatment!

2. 35 minutes video challenge for Express Lash Lift.


What are you getting?

- Access to our online training video for 30 days. 

- The file is accessible from all devices. All you need is an internet connection and a bit of your free time.

- You can watch it as many times as you want in the 30-day period.

- Our technical team will send you a separate email with a link granting you access to an online video no later than 12 h after purchase.

- E-Certificate at the end of each month.

Most asked questions:


Yes, all attendees will get a beautiful certificate of attendance.



In order to make sure you are getting the most out of our product, we offer a 90% discount on the training if you need to refresh your memory. Contact us for a discount code.


**Digital product - No refund policy after purchase of any digital product. Please carefully review the product description, features, and specifications before making a purchase.


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Verified purchase

I recommend watching this course!

The course helps you with the tips to do you lash lift quicker, how to earn more without raising the prices. Thanks!

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Very good course!

I learned how to speed up my working time. Lots of useful information. I recommend

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Useful information

It is a very good course to take if you want to understand what takes time and money in your lash lift procedure. I was able to understand what my price should be and how could I personalise the treatment for all my clients needs.

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This course is very informative and motivating!

Highly recommending this course for all lash lift artists who would like to speed up work but also make a changes in this service! Mariola is very knowledgeable and I love her work that’s right I have decided to take this course. At the beginning I couldn’t believe that we can do a lash lift in 35 minutes but Mariola explained all steps how to do it correctly. I love all the options about this service she shared on training and I will definitely make a changes for my clients. Thank you Mariola❤️

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🫶🏻 thank u

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