We know how frustrating it can be when you're trying to choose the shields for your client to achieve the best results. The perfect curl is now achievable with ease with these HYBRID shields. A uniquely designed shield from Katya Vinog will curl your lashes and lift them at the same time.

No more guessing which shields to use! No more worries about the wrong shape! No more worrying about weak lifts! These shields solve your problems and will give you an amazing curl each time!


Key features:

- They are made out of soft silicone, which will help you to achieve perfect lash alignment.

- With these shields, you'll find that the lashes stick really easily to the shield because of the shield's ridged texture.

- These high-quality silicone lash shields are safe even for the most sensitive skin and can be safely sterilized in autoclaves afterwards.

- Also, Shields No 2 .5 can be used for the lash lift of bottom lashes; all you have to do is cut off the "leaf" of the shield.

- They come in sets of 2 for each length, so you will have the right and left eye shields.

- They can be safely used with any lash lift solution, and you can easily tint lashes on the rod.


Available Sizes:

- Super short lashes or bottom lashes: 2

- Short lashes or bottom lashes: 2.5

- Medium-length lashes: 3

- Medium-length lashes: 3.5

- Long lashes: 4


How to use:

Apply them on your eyelid with or without glue; they are super elastic, so they hug the eyelid really well.

After each use, immediately clean with warm water and soap, followed by alcohol wash to complete the sanitization.


Katya Vinog

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