Did you ever experience lashes hanging down after you did everything to create a consistent curl?

Yes, we know the feeling, and we are coming to the rescue!

Because all lash lift products are based on water, which easily dissolves the lash lift glue, some lashes unstick or loosen at the base. To prevent this from happening, use our lash lift ribbons.

Lash Lift Ribbons are great for keeping all lashes where they belong, which means tightly close to the shield, creating a beautiful and uniform lift at the base of the lashes!


Key features:

- Elastic which makes it super easy to apply

- They come in sets of 2, so you will have the right and left ribbon.

- They can be safely used with any fixing solution


How to use:

Apply ribbons on the shields after you apply fixing lotion. 

After each use, immediately clean with warm water and soap followed by an alcohol wash to complete the sanitization.

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