My Lamination Lash Lift Cream is the essential solution for Step 1 of the lash lamination procedure. This powerful product is designed to soften the hair cuticle, enabling the opening of cuticle scales and allowing careful penetration into the hairs. It facilitates the moulding of the lashes into their new desired shape.


Key Features:

1. Softens Hair Cuticle: Our Lash Lift Cream effectively softens the hair cuticle, preparing it for the lamination process.

2. Cuticle Opening: By opening the cuticle scales, the cream ensures thorough penetration of the product into each hair strand.

3. Precise Molding: The cream's formulation enables careful and precise moulding of the eyelashes, allowing them to adopt their new shape flawlessly.

4. Pack of 5 x 1.5ml Sachets: Each pack contains five individual sachets, each containing 1.5ml of the Lamination Lash Lift Cream.


Experience the transformative power of our Lamination Lash Lift Cream as you embark on the journey to perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows.

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