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Experience Ultimate Hydration with Our Lash Serum - The Final Step in Lash Care

Discover the dual functionality of our intense Hydrating Serum, designed to seal the cuticle, eliminate impurities, and provide essential hydration to your lashes. 

This lash treatment includes 9 nourishing elements for ultimate lash health:

- Revitalizing Hydrolyzed Keratin

- Luxurious Hydrolyzed Silk

- Moisturizing Panthenol

- Nourishing Hydrogenated Castor Oil

- Soothing Malva Sylvestris Flower

- Healing Aloe Barbadensis

- Hydrating Glycerin

- Strengthening Urtica Dioica

- Rejuvenating Collagen

For application instructions, please consult the My Lamination Manual for the proper technique and ideal duration.

Cautions: Strictly for professional use. External use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Prevent skin and eye exposure. Wear suitable gloves. Avoid use in case of injured, infected, or sensitive eyes. Discontinue use if irritation arises. Store in a cool environment and shield from direct sunlight. Not intended for individuals below the age of 18 years. Refrain from use during pregnancy and/or nursing. Discard the product after use.

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