Our foam tape is the secret weapon of lash technicians because it's not only soft but also completely COST EFFECTIVE. Tape is the best choice for lash technicians who want to save money on eye pads and provide better customer satisfaction at cheaper rates.



- A product for those suffering from eyepatch allergies.

- Foam tape is excellent at staying in place, unlike your average eye pads.

- Clients with bulbous eyes or those who have trouble keeping their eyes tightly closed during treatment are often at risk of chemical irritation around the eyes. This foam tape's extra thickness helps prevent this irritation, making your treatment much more enjoyable.

- Fully adjustable for size and comfort

- Specifically designed to help people who cannot stay still during their eyelash treatment; as a result, their eyes are constantly shaking.

- Gentle formula great for sensitive, allergic, and dry eyes            


How to use:

- Disinfect your scissors

- Cut off the amount of tape needed to cover bottom lashes

- If needed, cut a curve on the foam tape to suit your client's eye shape (you can use an eye pad as a stencil)

- Tape down the bottom lashes and draw on your lash map!


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