Do you find your adhesive build-up blocking the tips of your glue nozzle?

Have you ever had difficulties with opening the glue bottle just before the treatment?

We can help! Our Biodegradable Lint-Free Wipes will take off the adhesive build-up and make your glue nozzle like new!


A clogged glue nozzle can be not only frustrating but also expensive.

A dirty glue nozzle may:

- Prevent the bottle from closing correctly and allowing air and moisture getting inside the bottle, which means worse retention and spending more money on new fresh glue.

- Get your adhesive glue cap stuck to the nozzle! Don't let this situation happen before it's time to do more eyelashes. If you're a lash artist, you can't go without this product.


Lash artist: "I'm now out of glue, I can't work on any clients, and I'm not the only eyelash technician in my area." 

Don't lose your clients by keeping your glue nozzles clean.


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