If you're looking for some professional eyelash extension business templates, look no further because you just find them! You can fully customise these templates on Canva in the comfort of your home using your web browser (or your phone) and have complete control over the result, with the basic designs already done for you!


- Lash Loyalty Card

- Lash Aftercare Card

- Patch Test Form

- Lash Price List

You will receive 4 PDF files (one for each template) with a link on each. Click on the one you want to edit, and it will redirect you to where you can edit them. You can add extra texts or remove some, and add your own images or illustrations, logo and brand colours. It’s fully customisable.

You can either print them out or use them as a digital file. It is completely up to you!

What’s next?

Our technical team will send you a separate email with a link granting you access to the online course within the next 12 hours. Please make sure you check your spam folder as well as your inbox. The files are accessible from all devices, but we recommend editing them on a desktop (it's much easier than editing them on your phone).

**Digital product - No refund policy after purchase of any digital product. Please carefully review the product description, features, and specifications before making a purchase.

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