Our adhesive has been widely tested by professional lash technicians competing in lash competitions all over the world. 

By selecting our product for their prestigious competitions, the girls put their faith in 'I'm the Lashmaker', trusting that it would withstand the stresses of competition time - and guess what?  It did!  

All the tests proved that our product can be used safely and reliably in any climate and environment. 


For a lash glue, you can trust, try 'I’m the Lashmaker'! 

You won't be disappointed!

- Formaldehyde-free

- Water-resistant

- Oil resistant

- Strong flexible hold

- Excellent retention

- Based on cyanoacrylate


Colour: Black

Curing Time: 0.5s

Viscosity: Thin

Ideal Humidity*: Low – Medium (not suitable for high humidity as it will dry rapidly)

Ideal Temperature: 18-24 Degrees Celsius

Capacity: 3ml

Storage: Cool, dark & dry place

Once opened use within 3 months. Shake well and keep at room temperature.

Usage: Shake vigorously for 30 seconds before starting an application. Clean the nozzle after each drop and close tightly.


Low Humidity: Less than 40% RH

Medium Humidity: 40-60% RH

High Humidity: More than 60% RH

*RH (Relative Humidity)



1.    Allow gravity to pull out the adhesive drop out of the bottle, DO NOT squeeze as this will cause air to get inside of the bottle.

2.    Pour the adhesive onto a jade or crystal glue holder.

3.    Replace open adhesive every 3 months to ensure product quality and consistency.

4.    We don’t recommend stocking up on adhesive due to the limited shelf life of the product. In case you will run out of the adhesive it is good to store one extra as a “backup".

5.    Do not store adhesive in the refrigerator.

6.    Using fresh adhesive is crucial for achieving the best retention. If in doubt, throw it out, and use a fresh bottle.

7.    Incorrect work with fast-drying glue can cause poor retention. All adhesives will dry faster when it’s more humid rather than dry. If you will experience that lashes are easily “brushed off” or fall off the natural lashes within the next 2-3 days after the treatment, use slower drying adhesive to improve tour lash retention.

8.    All adhesives will give you great retention with proper application. Lashes will be shed only during the natural shedding cycle.

9.    Ensuring your client's safety, a patch test it’s always advised. Some clients might be allergic to cyanoacrylate but also to carbon black.

10.  Adhesive is not to come into contact with the skin as this can cause irritation. (The same rule applies to patch tests).

11.  To make your adhesive quicker use speeding up solutions or increase room humidity.

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