The newest trend in the beauty industry is lash lifting. The revolutionary treatment creates the appearance of length, volume, and lift from your client's natural lashes. It lasts eight weeks on average and requires no extra mascara or hassle during application. Lash Lift will get your client the best lashes they've ever seen, while you'll get a client returning again and again.

This course is designed for beginners who want to become a Lami Stylist.

You'll learn how to master the lash lifting technique, gaining the power to transform your client's lashes from day-old to luscious in moments.

Become a confident lami stylist and get yourself ahead of the game!


Topics we cover:

1. All about lash lift

- Lash lift history

- Lash Lift vs Lash Lamination vs Lash Filler - what's the difference?

- How does it work?

- For who is the treatment?

- When can we safely repeat the treatment?


2. Setting up your lash lift station

- How to prepare yourself before the treatment?

- What should you have on your beauty trolley?


3. Anatomy and physiology

- What's an eyelash?

- How many lashes do we have?

- Hair composition

- Hair and skin structure

- Cross section of the hair

- Cell membrane complex CMC new discovery in hair structure

- Hair growth cycles


4. Significance of pH level

- What's a pH level?

- How to check the pH level of your products?

- Importance of pH level and how it influences lash lift procedure


5. All about perming solution

- How does it work?

- pH level of perming solution

- Difference and comparison of perming solutions between a few lash lift brands (InLei, Elleebana, My Lamination)

- Understanding each ingredient that you can find in your product. How to read a

product list

- 2 active components responsible for the change of the curl, and which one is


- Timings of different lash lift brands

- Can we use a lash lift product with brow lamination treatment?

- Difference between good and bad alcohol

- Are so-called bad alcohols safe for our hair?

- Difference between vegan-friendly and vegan products.


6. All about fixing the solution

- How does it work?

- pH level of fixing solution

- 2 active ingredients which you can find in fixing lotion

- Sodium bromate, why is this ingredient dangerous and banned to use in several


- Products comparison (InLei, Elleebana, My Lamination)


7. Nourishing step

- ph Level of fixing lotion

- Understanding the function of all ingredients

- Products comparison (InLei, Elleebana, My Lamination, Amica Lash)


8. Chemistry behind the lash lift

- Hair biomolecules

- Bonds responsible for hair shape

- Reduction and oxidation process

- Product ingredients and how they are impacting molecules of amino acids


9. Client consultation

- Importance of consultation

- Patch test

- Instruction on how clients need to be prepared for lash lift treatment

- Possibility of allergic reaction. How to react

- Contraindications which are preventing or restricting the treatment


10. Lash analysis

- How to analyse your client's lashes to choose the best type of shields?

- How to determine the thickness of eyelashes

- Lash porosity

- Vertical lash directions

- Type of lash lines

- Uneven lash line/false row

- Eyelid types

- Lash maps

- Eye set


11. All about the shields

- Structure of the shield

- 4 types of shields

- Tools disinfection

- Choosing the correct type of shields accordingly to the previous lash analysis

- How to choose the size of the shields

- Golden ratio of lash lift shields


12. Ready, steady… treatment preparations

- Preparation of client's eyes and lashes

- Choosing the best shampoo for lash lift treatment

- Do's and Don'ts when it comes to eye pad placing

- Shield placement in 3 variations


13. Lash wrapping

- Glue types and speed

- What ingredients can we expect in our adhesive? And what's the difference

between them?

- How to work with glue and how to store it?

- Golden rules of perfect lash wrapping and what to avoid

- 6 ways of wrapping eyelashes to the shield

- Wrapping Lashes in inner corners as a separate category

- Why are lashes unsticking from the shield? And how to fix it!

- Flipping the eyelid, is it safe?


14. Perming solution in action

- 8 ways of product application to get desired results

- Timing and factors that might influence it.

- How to know if your lash is ready? Lash structure examination

- How to remove the perming solution safely? Do's and don'ts!


15. Fixing solution in action

- Way of application

- 2 methods of roots support/compensation

- Product removal


16. All about tinting

- How does it work?

- How to apply the tint?

- Product removal

- Tinting of bottom lashes


17. Lash baths, can water destroy the curl?

- Why do most manufacturers advise not to wash lashes for 24h?

- How can water impact bonds in our hair?


18. Nourishing step in the action

- 3 ways of application

- Memory code of lash curl


19. Shield removal

- How to safely remove the shields from the eye


20. Aftercare

- Importance of aftercare and product retailing

- Is castor oil a good choice after a lash lift? Difference between oils

- What to look for in a lash conditioner?

- Truth about lash growth serum

- Aftercare advice, what to do or avoid after the treatment

- What to do in case of an allergic reaction?


21. Fixing unsuccessful lash lift

- Reasons for unsuccessful lash lifts

- How to fix over-processed lashes and over-curled lashes?

- What to do in case of lack of lift?


22. Product storage and all products info

- What option is better for you, bottles or sachets?

- Product expiry date

- How to store your product correctly?

- How do you check if your product didn't come from a faulty batch and ensure it's working?


23. Bottom lash lift

- 2 methods of lower lash lift

- Product application and timings


24. Working with mature clients

- Difficulties you might experience while working with mature clients

- How to lift a hooded eyelid?

- Choosing the correct shield

- When can a lash lift fail?


25. Working with male clients

- Shield choice for a masculine look

- Product placement


26. Lash lift vs lash extensions

- Is it possible to do a lash lift after extensions and the other way around?

- What are the reasons for combining these two treatments?


How long is the course?


Training includes the theory part, which is held online and the practical part, which takes one day from 11:00 to 19:00 (the training time may change).

Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes prior to your course start time.

For the theoretical part, you will get access to the online training 7 days before the live session, and training will be available for your view for 30 days.



In-Person Training schedule:


11:00 - 12:00 Q&A to discuss all the questions after watching the online part

12:00 - 12:30 Model demonstration (Video)

12:30 - 13:00 Lunch

13:00 - 16:00 First Model

16:00 - 18:30 Second Model

18:30 - 19:00 Handing out certificates



Course type:


1. Group training: £499

We offer small group classes, typically 2-3 students per group. The small size ensures that each student gets the necessary attention during the practical part.


2. VIP training: £699

The one-to-one session allows the trainer to give their full attention to one student and be there every step of the way. 


Please find training dates on the list or contact us to choose different slots more suitable to your availability:



How to book your training:


Simply choose the date and pay the deposit to secure your spot. Please note all bookings and deposit payments should be made online through our booking system.

Payment information:


After you pay a deposit through our website, the remaining balance should be cleared at least seven days before the course takes place, alternatively, on the training day with cash.


The remaining balance can be made by using our website, or you can do the bank transfer to:


Innovation Beauty Academy

Sort code: 20-61-55

Account number: 13300641

Title: Your order number


Model required:

Students are required to provide a model at 13:00 and 16:00.

If you are travelling from abroad or unable to bring a model, please get in touch with us via e-mail a minimum of one week before the training date, and we will provide you with a model. Please be aware that this will incur an additional fee of £50.


Important notes:

Please dress comfortably, and don't forget your glasses if you need them for better vision! 

You don't need to bring anything except good humour relaxed mind to absorb knowledge easily.

All products and equipment will be provided.

Lunch and snacks, cold and hot drinks will be provided; please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs.



What is included: 



Accredited certificate

10% off on the Innovation Beauty Pro website

10% Discount for future courses with me

Exclusive discounts on various brands (ABT insurance, InLei)







Innovation Beauty

2 Notre Dame Mews



Google map:        


The closest car park:


1. Northampton Borough Council

Wellington Street




2. Hourly Bands Grosvenor Multi Storey

20 Greyfriars




The closest hotel:


Park In Radisson:



Terms and conditions/ Cancelation policy:


We understand that sometimes things change, and you may need to amend your booking. This policy outlines the process and terms for changing, rescheduling, or cancelling a booking with us.


If you have booked onto a training course and are unable to attend it, you have three options. Your decision must be sent to us in writing at least two weeks before the event.


1. Send a substitute in your place

Someone else can attend the training in your place. However, notification of this needs to be sent beforehand to:


2. Transfer to any other course available in our offer

The course which you transfer to has to be within the next 12 months. You are only able to transfer your booking once. If there is no attendance at a transferred booking, then you will be charged to cover the cost of your non-attendance.


3. Cancel your place

If you inform us at least two weeks before the training date that you can no longer attend and do not wish to send a substitute or transfer your booking, you can cancel your place with a small cancelation fee. 

If you do not cancel your place at least two weeks before the training starts, you will be charged the total amount of the training.

You will be sent an invoice for the charge and request to pay within 30 days.

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Very happy with my training!

Just want to say a massive thanks to Mariola who made me very welcome and provided the best lash lift training ever. It is a beginning of my journey with lash lift but already after the training I feel confident in myself and looking forward to creating more beautiful lashes.<br /> Thanks x

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Verified purchase

Amazing training for beginners artist

I came to Mariola on the recommendation of one stylist and I was not disappointed. I was very nervous because it was my first lashlift training. But from the first minute of our online training, I knew I was in good hands. When I completed the online training, I felt ready for a practical day at Mariola Akademia. from the first minute I met Mariola in person, I felt great warmth from her and the desire to pass on knowledge to me. Mariola answered every question honestly and tried to explain the issue to me as much as possible. I spent the whole day at the academy very nice and productive day . I have completed 2 models and feel ready to do LashFILLER in my salon. choosing Mariola as my trainer was the best choice. Thank you

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