Introducing the Zola Color Fixer Tonic, a must-have product for enhancing and prolonging the colour after the dyeing procedure. This tonic provides maximum durability, ensuring your beautifully coloured eyebrows last longer.


Formulated with premium ingredients, including Japanese sophora extract, silk hydrolyzates, and keratin, the tonic strengthens the hair fibres, promoting healthier and more resilient brows. Additionally, panthenol, known for its moisturising properties, adds shine and offers protection against external factors.


Application Method:

1. After removing the eyebrow dye, moisten a cotton pad with the Zola Color Fixer Tonic.

2. Gently apply the tonic in the direction of hair growth, ensuring thorough coverage of the eyebrows.

3. Leave the tonic on the hair. There's no need to rinse it off.


Size: 100 ml


Experience the transformative benefits of the Zola Color Fixer Tonic as it locks in and enhances the colour of your brows, leaving them vibrant, strong, and protected.


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