Whether lashing classic, light volume or hybrid, multifunctional tweezers are a favourite tool of many lash artists.

These tweezers have an angled and extremely precise tip which also makes them perfect for natural lash isolation. Not even one lash will slip those tweezers while you take your eyes from it.

Many lash artists are choosing these tweezers because of the lightweight metal and angled tip as it helps to reduce muscle pain and hand strain. Avoid putting pressure on the tips while isolating - the tip of the tweezer is sharp.

When used as application tweezers, these tweezers have a 7mm fine grabbing point that helps you fit in between the isolation tweezers keeping the correct distance from the eyelid and correct attachment


Technique: Classic, hybrid, 2D fans, premade fans, and isolation

Length: 14 cm

Grabbing point: 7mm

Weight: 17 grams

Tension: Soft- medium

Protective pouch included



Remove any debris or residue with alcohol wipes and fully immerse tweezers in disinfectant for 5-10 minutes. Do not immerse in alcohol, bleach, or acetone, which can harm the finish and the metal. Store in a closed container after sanitation 

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