Hand tested tweezers, with a thicker and stronger grip, perfect for picking up all sizes of volume fans. Specially designed and tested by lash experts, therefore ensuring the highest quality is maintained.


Technique: Volume fans from 2D to 8D, hybrid, premade fans

Length: 11 cm

Grabbing point: 9mm

Weight: 17 grams

Tension: Soft – medium

Protective pouch included


-       Made from lightweight metal, easy to handle and helps to avoid muscle strain.

-       Suitable for most fanning techniques, “pitching”, “rolling”, “scrabbing”.

-       Creating either narrow or wide fans.

-       Each pair of tweezers has its own unique “sweet point”.


Remove any debris or residue with alcohol wipes and fully immerse tweezers in disinfectant for 5-10 minutes. Do not immerse in alcohol, bleach, or acetone, which can harm the finish and the metal. Store in a closed container after sanitation.


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Great tweezer

I have ordered two tweezers just in case I drop one, they are really that good. They have solid, firm grip across the blade. Perfect for fanning on the strip.

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