The professional range of Levissime Lash Colour designed to tint lashes and eyebrows consist of 5 rich and highly pigmented colours that can be mixed to create a unique and perfect shade for any client.


Levissime experts have created a special safe formula to avoid allergic reactions and skin irritations.



- Levissime tint has a gentle and innovative formula. It contains ethanolamine instead of ammonium what makes it hypoallergic and long-lasting.

- Guarantees long-lasting stain and predicted results- up to 7 days on the skin and six weeks in hairs.


How to use:

Cleanse lashes with lash shampoo and eyebrows with eyebrow cleanser.

Mix the tint in equal parts (1:1) with an activator until obtaining smooth and creamy consistency. Coat the entire eyebrows or lash line and leave on for 5-15 minutes.

Remove with water and tap dry with soft tissue.


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