Tint ZOLA is a new generation of dye for eyebrows with a DMAMP™ ULTRA PC which is a new alkalizing agent for oxidative hair colourants with superior colour deposition and better coverage on grey hair.



Key features:

Incredibly rich composition, which includes hydrolyzed collagen, lanolin, sorbitol

The unique lamellar paint structure

New technology in cosmetic chemistry gives the texture of the paint as close as possible to the skin and its layers.

A wide palette of shades that can be mixed to create unique colours


01 Light Brown

The universal shade for blondes and fair-haired women, it doesn't darken the hair. On warm skin shades, it lays down a warmer shade and on cooler skin, shades a cooler shade.


02 Warm Brown

Ideal for redheads and warm brown hair, it has a rich copper-brown tone.


03 Brown

A  brown shade, it takes on the skin lightly and will suit anyone who wants a neutral shade of brown, from dark blonde to brown hair, brunette to redhead.


04 Dark Brown

A neutral dark brown shade, it has a suitable neutral base for brunettes, brown hair and dark blondes.


05 Graphite

Cool graphite shade can be used on its own or as corrective colour. When added to brown, dark brown, and light brown - you'll get more of the cooler shades.


How to use it:

1. Squeeze out about 1 cm of the tint and the same amount of ZOLA Oxidant 3% into a plastic or glass container. Ratio

2. Stir the mixture thoroughly until you reach a smooth consistency

3. The exposure time is 5-15 minutes, depending on the desired shade. Important! The exposure time is counted from the very beginning of the application.





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