Tint ZOLA is a new word in the world of dyes for eyebrows. Eyebrow tint Ash is a permanent tint that gives a gentle result due to the soft alkalinity of the new generation DMAMP ULTRA PC. The paint gives a bright, juicy imprint on the skin when stained.



Incredibly rich paint composition, which includes hydrolyzed collagen, lanolin, sorbitol;

Unique lamellar paint structure.;

New technology in cosmetic chemistry gives the texture of the paint as close as possible to the skin and its layers;

A wide palette of versatile shades that can be mixed to create unique colours.


- 01 Light Brown

The universal shade for blondes and fair-haired women, it doesn't darken the hair and has unique colouring. On warm women, it lays down a warmer shade and on cooler women a cooler shade.


- 02 Warm Brown

Ideal for redheads and warm brown hair, it has a rich copper-brown tone.


- 03 Brown

A versatile brown shade, it takes on skin tightly and will suit anyone who wants a neutral shade of brown, from dark blonde to brown hair, brunette to redhead.


- 04 Dark Brown

A neutral dark brown shade, it has a suitable neutral base for brunettes, brown hair and dark blondes.


- 05 Graphite

Cool graphite shade can be used on its own or as corrective colour. When added to brown, dark brown, and light brown - you'll get more of the cooler shades.


Eyebrow Tinting Instructions:

Squeeze out about 1 cm of paint and the same amount of ZOLA Oxidant 3% into a plastic or glass container.

Stir the mixture thoroughly until smooth.

The exposure time is 5-15 minutes, depending on the desired shade. Important! The exposure time is counted from the very beginning of the application.

Mixing ratio 1:1.





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