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The growth and advancement in lash lift procedures around the world have called for more options and more innovations. With that in mind, we are so excited to share the latest development with the Elleebana family, flex rods!


- The ultra-soft silicone forms for a lash lift technique with a beautiful C curl curvature.

- Superior grip and a comfortable fit for the eyelid.

- No glue is generally required on the back!

- Speeds up application time!

- Takes the worry out of irritation on the skin from the adhesive

- It’s going to change the lash lift game!!!


Flex Rods are so simple and easy to use! That is the beauty behind the development of these revolutionary rods for Lash Lifting.

How to use: Simply cleanse the eye area as usual and then place your chosen size Flex Rods along your client’s eyelid.

It minimises the chance of using glue on the back of these rods, then continues with the usual lash lift procedure of attaching lashes to the front of the rods with your adhesive and placing lashes into the desired position and proceeding with lotion placement steps.

The ultra-soft silicone and clever design allow for stable adhesion and grip across the lash line area without using glue on the back!

Available in 4 different sizes, Small (for short lashes), Medium (medium length lashes), Large (long lashes) and Extra Large (extra long lashes) to cater for all lash types and lengths. The combination pack contains one pair of each size: S, M, L and XL.

Should I choose Elleebana rods or extreme shields?

- Both are made from silicone

- Both can be reused after being cleaned and disinfected

- Rods provide a natural C - lift

- Shields provides extreme L - lift

- Rods are suitable for most clients

- Shields may not adhere well to clients with low-brow bones

- Rods are fantastic for clients with long lashes

- Shields help to provide drama for clients with short lashes

- Rods adhere well to the majority of clients

- Shields offer additional surface areas allowing for greater control and manipulation.

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