We know how hard it is to become an educator…


Creating a manual, presentation, and setting up accreditation; are all very challenging and time-consuming tasks!


So we got you! Save money and a lot of your precious time!


We want to give you a head start and allow you to become the most recognisable educator in the lash lift world in no time.

With the best training materials, excellent training agenda and support of our educator Mariola Miko you can make your dreams = reality.


You have three options:

Basic, Standard & Premium



With this package, you will get the following:


Manual: a beautiful digital version of the Manual in PDF format (74 pages), which you can edit to match your branding. The Manual is in A6 format, ready to print if you would like to give a hard copy to your students.


Presentation: slides which will allow you to explain to your students all knowledge of lash lift. The presentation contains graphic designs, short videos and a full lash lift demonstration.

It comes in a PDF version, so again you can edit it to your branding or use it without any changes, as the design is very neutral. 

The presentation perfectly matches the student manual, giving you maximum comfort in running the training.


Certificate: ready to print PDF editable certificate (we thought about everything)


Online training access: the training agenda is very long as this is one of the most detailed training on the market. But don’t worry, if you are unfamiliar with some aspects of the training, we will update your knowledge so you can be the best expert in your area! We will grant you access to the online training where Mariola Miko will explain each point from the agenda, so you will be well prepared to run your own training. 

To be fully prepared, you will get access to “ABC lash lift training” for 30 days. You can see training agenda here.



10% student discount: we all like giving presents, and you will be able to gift a 10% discount to each student, which will grant them a 10% discount on all products from our website.

We will create a unique code for you (your salon name/brand; for example, BEAUTYLAB10)



The standard package includes all elements of Basic plus:


Mentoring session: Mariola Miko is a self-made educator. She passed the way from being a beauty stylist to an international educator in a very short time. She has a recipe for becoming successful and will share it with you.

In the mentoring session, you have 6 hours, and how you want to use them is totally up to you. You have three options: 


1. Business mentoring: how to become the most know educator (ready plan)

2. How to teach? Introduction of entering the teacher space.

3. Lash lift expert, where you will get answers to all your lash lift questions. Also, you will be able to practice your skills on a model under Mariola’s supervision (the practical part is optional).


You can do a mentoring session in person in our academy: Innovation Beauty Academy, 2 Notre Dame Mews, NN1 2BG Northampton, or if you choose the option without a practical part, you can meet with Mariola Miko online. 



Premium Package is a combination of the Basic and Standard packages with two additions:


Accreditation: in the United Kingdom, accreditation is a necessity, and we know how time-consuming it might be, so we have a way to help you out:


We can assign you to Innovation Beauty accreditation with ABT company, and each student will automatically get accreditation by receiving a certificate from you.



- you need to hold teaching qualifications (if you don’t have it please get in touch with us as we can help you out here)

- teacher insurance (ABT insurance)

- accredited lash lift certification, which proves that you have been an experienced lash lift stylist for more than six months


Possibility of hybrid training: from our experience, we know that students don’t like to come for two days of training as it’s pricey because they need to add hotel expenses to the training price.


That is why we came up with the idea of HYBRID training, where the theoretical part is held online, and students come only for one day to practice lash lifts on two models instead of just one.


Not many lash lift training allows students to have two models, and we know this is an important matter for them, so now you will be able to run the best training in your area in a hybrid way!


We believe that hybrid training is a future, because Lash lift theory it’s a huge chunk of each training; very often, we don’t have time to cover each topic, and our students leave training without crucial information, for example, how to fix unwanted lash lift results (over-processed or over curled lashes) or how to set up prices as a beginner in the market. With a hybrid training you will not miss any of this information making sure your student will be 100% satisfied and prepared for their new role.


Your students will be able to get 50% off for “ABC lash lift training” with your unique code and then come to you for the practical part!


Sounds amazing? Your training will include the following:

- all lash lift knowledge without missing any point

- practice on two models

- no hotel expenses

- it’s proven that students remember only 30% of the theory after in-person training. With online training, they will have access a week before the live session, and they will be able to watch it for 30-90 days (depending on the package they choose). So they will be able to watch it even after a live session with you, which will clarify all things that are still not clearly understood. 


And what’s in it for you:

- more time for yourself as you are saving one day by not doing the theoretical part

- the best lash lift training on the market

- 100% happy student

- you will be one of the first who provides hybrid training 


How does it look:

1. Your student is getting online training from innovationbeautypro.co.uk with your unique code, which allows them to get training at a discounted price so that the training will cost them £149,50 and

2. You charge as much as you wish for the practical part at your salon. 


*All digital materials are licensed, and you can use them only for your purposes. They can’t be sold or passed to a third party as they have copyrights.

**Digital product - No refund policy after purchase of any digital product. Please carefully review the product description, features, and specifications before making a purchase.

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