Say goodbye to the frustration of choosing the right shields for your clients – our HYBRID shield set of 9 makes achieving the perfect curl a breeze. Specially designed to curl and lift lashes simultaneously, these shields eliminate guesswork, concerns about the wrong shape, and worries about a weak lift. Experience consistently amazing curls with every application!

Key Features:

- Crafted from soft silicone for perfect lash alignment.

- Unique ridged texture ensures easy lash adherence to the shield.

- Each set includes both right and left eye shields + compensator

- Compatible with any lash lift solution, and ideal for tinting lashes on the rod.

Sizes in a Set:

- Lash shields in 7 sizes: XS, S, M, L, LL, XL, XLL

- Lower lash shields

- Compensator

How to Use:

Apply them on your eyelid with or without glue; their super elastic nature ensures a snug fit. After each use, clean immediately with warm water and soap, followed by an alcohol wash for thorough sanitization. Upgrade your lash game with our versatile and reliable HYBRID shields!


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