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How long is the webinar?

Training takes around 3h (the training may take longer) and it's available to watch 2 weeks after.


Training program


  1. Analysis of the compositions of the product by chemists.

  2. Comparison of products, characteristics and compositions.

  3. Analysis of the compositions "BROW Fix AP".

  4. Pros and cons of this procedure:

  - For whom it may be a contraindication?

  - For whom this procedure is recommended?

  - With what is it not compatible?

  5. Algorithm for performing the procedure:

  - The holding time of the formulations, depending on the density and structure of the hair.

  - Hair layering and classic mistakes.

  - The technique of applying products without "burning" and "tingling".

  - Working with swirls and problematic eyebrows.

  - Partial eyebrow lamination.

  6. Technology of staining with ÉLAN gel paint - no skin darkening!

  7. Technology of staining with SMART BROW TINTING SYSTEM dye - insta lines (skin darkening)!

  8. Detailed colouring.  Analysis of eyebrow dyeing formulas after eyebrow lamination procedure.

  - Cold, warm blond, graphic lines - it's all real with ÉLAN dyes!

 9. Eyebrow tinting techniques after

 - Toning.

 - Partial staining.

 - Complete colouring.  (The presentation will show all the staining techniques and the result obtained.)

 10. Method of application with different brushes and what result you can get!  Raise your skills to the TOP.

 11. Dye Exposure Timing - Say "No" to black eyebrows after lamination.

 12. Recommendations for clients after eyebrow lamination procedure. 


How to prepare yourself for this training 

Prepare a pen and notebook.


Cancellation policy

After purchasing the training we will be unable to refund you the cost.

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