CURL TRANSITION 101 webinar - How to achieve a smooth transition when mixing curls


In this video, I will introduce to you the fundamental knowledge of lash curls. You will learn how to mix the 4 basic curls within a set in order to create a smooth transition.


▫️The 4 basic curls

- B, C, Cc, D


▫️How to convert them 

- how the curl will affect the visual length of the extension

- what are the neighbour curls

- "curls stairs" how to transition from one curl to another


▫️Natural lash assessment

- how each curl will appear on different natural lashes

- what happens if you use an incorrect curl

- smooth curl transition with mapping


Please note this video was created for beginner artists to help them better understand lash curls. 



How long is the webinar?


The curl transition 101 webinars is around 30 minutes long.


What are you getting?


- Access to our webinar videos for 30 days. 


- The file is accessible from all devices. All you need is an internet connection and a bit of your free time.


- You can watch it as many times as you want in the 30-day period. 


- Our technical team will send you a separate email with a link granting you access to an online video no later than 12 hours after your order has been placed.

- To order, just simply put this product in your shopping cart and pay with PayPal or a credit card. We are going to send your order to the email you have checked out with so please make sure it’s written correctly. 

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