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When does training take place?


This is a live webinar that will take place on 22nd January at 15:00 UK time zone, and it will be available as a recorded version for 30 days after the live session.

How long is the course?


Training takes around 2-3h (the training may take longer) 

Training program:


Eyebrow dye/tint, what is it, and how is it different from hairdressing dyes?

Types of eyebrow dyes.

Composition of dyes and how we are supposed to read the list of ingredients.

The role of individual ingredients.

Composition of oxidant/ developer and how to understand it.

The individual role of ingredients found in oxidants.

Comparing different brands of dyes and oxidants.

How to mix dyes with oxidants?

A chemical process that takes place during the eyebrow colouring with dyes.

Pros and cons of using brow dyes from a chemical point of view.

How to prepare yourself for this training 


Prepare a pen and notebook.

Cancellation policy

After purchasing the training, we will not refund you the cost.

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